Rasco SAM Corner Tape

Self-adhesive sealing and strengthening tape for use within the Rasco SAM system in accordance with DIN 18533, EN 13969 and DIN V 20000-202

300 mm wide self-adhesive, flexible, crack-bridging sealing tape made from polymer-modified bitumen, with a cross-laminated, tearproof HDPE-carrier film on one side.

The 50 mm vulcanisation strips consist of pure bitumen compound. The purpose is to achieve better joints between the materials by sticking compound on to compound and so ensuring even better sealing.

SAM Corner Tape serves as sealing and strengthening tape for all corners, edges and hollow edges in the Rasco SAM system.

It can be applied to vertical and horizontal surfaces foundation slabs, foundations, balconies, terraces, underground garages and cellar walls as well as all known and suitable mineral substrates. 

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  • Solvent-free and environmentally friendly
  • Self-adhesive, flexible, crack-bridging
  • Applicable all year round
  • Clean, easy and fast use
  • Immediate resistance to water and driving rain
  • As dampproof course below screed
  • No drying time needed
  • Polymerised bitumen on crosslaminated, tearproof HDPE carrier film
  • Impervious to radon
  • For strengthening of corners, edges and hollow edges within the Rasco-SAM-System
  • Protective film is centrally perforated on the back, for easy use on corners and edges
  • Two vulcanisation strips for strongest adhesion
  • Frost-free at least 12 months shelf-life

Technical Data

  • Thickness: 1.5 mm
  • Width: 300 mm (200 mm + 2 x 50 mm vulcanisation strip)
  • Weight: 1.5 kg/m²
  • Water vapour permeability: Sd-value 235 m
  • Resistance to hydrostatic pressure*: 8 bar (80 m) passed
  • Working temperature**: -5°C to +30°C

Packaging Unit

  • 15 rm / roll | 3 rolls /carton | 15 cartons / pallet | pallet weight approx. 385 kg

* Examination was carried out using a test unit from company “Form+Test Seidner” type “DP 3 MM”. High pressure load testing was carried out over a period of 5
days. No connection to actual circumstances and requirements on the building site exists.*
** Temperature: component, installation and ambient temperature.


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