Corporate policy

» We want to become the german market leader for solvent-free, bitumen-based sealants in the medium term! We can only achieve our goal by consistently implementing these 10 guiding principles! «

Always remain one step ahead

We know our customers’ requirements and constantly strive to meet them in the best possible way.

Create a committed, successful team

Our most valuable resource is our team. We are passionate, committed and constantly learning. This is how we ensure our professionalism and long-term success. The health and safety of our employees is one of our main concerns. Our managers act as role models, and we find it highly important to qualify and involve our employees.

Establish business relationships as partnerships

By establishing trusting partnerships with our suppliers, we can work together to develop new products and solutions that will continue to meet future market requirements for the benefit of both parties.

Always communicate facts

By communicating truthfully and transparently, we can involve the public in our business and convey our values.

Always strive for excellence

We have set ourselves ambitious goals to achieve a leading position in our target markets. We work according to management systems that meet the requirements of our company’s ethical and social responsibility.

Constantly improve the quality of our products and services

Our products and services meet the highest quality requirements. They are developed according to the most efficient and stringent management systems in line with the ISO 9001 standards.

Lead the way in sustainability and conservation

We find it highly important to ensure that our products and processes are environmentally sound and to guarantee the health and safety of our product users, customers, employees and society as a whole. We make continuous investments to improve health, safety and environmental protection in line with binding voluntary standards and the relevant legal requirements.

Always be the best supplier

We want to be a partner to our customers – we are committed to providing solutions with high added value. Our aim is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction through the quality of our products and services.

Never stop innovating

Every year we invest a considerable amount of our resources in research and development. We also live and work according to the principle of continuous improvement.

Maintain a solid financial basis

This enables us to invest in the technologies and solutions of the future and ensure our long-term success. We will only remain competitive in the future if we operate sustainably.