Corporate policy

» In the medium term, we want to become one of the three leading suppliers of solvent-free bitumen-based waterproofing products on the German market! We will just achive this through the consistent implementation of our 10 guiding principles! «

Always be one step ahead

We anticipate the customers' needs and we are obliged to keep our agreements. Only by identifying and converting customers' requirements, we can meet customer satisfaction on a sustainable basis.

Create a committed, winning team

Our most precious resource is the value of our team: we work as a team with passion and we never stop training, allowing us to grow professionally.

Build a relationship as a partnership

With strategic suppliers. Our commitment is that, for our strategic suppliers, meeting our requirements becomes an opportunity to design new products and solutions together, and that they also meet the new requirements of the market - in a relationship for mutual benefit.

Always communicate the facts

High profile, transparent communication allows us to involve the general public and to share with them our ideas.

Be determined in the pursuit of excellence

We are committed to achieving ambitious objectives to reach a position of leadership in targeted markets, working according to management systems in compliance with the requirements of ethic and social responsibility of the company.

Continually improve product and service quality

Our products and services comply with the most stringent quality levels and are made according to the most efficient and severe management systems in compliance with ISO 9001 standards.

Be the best supplier

We aim to become a partner, and we are fully committed to offering our clients solutions with a high added value to reach a maximum in customer satisfaction by delivering best quality in products and services.

Be ahead in environmental sustainability

We place a great deal to importance on the environmental sustainability of our products, the ecological nature of our processes and safety for users of our products, our clients, our employees and the entire community.

Never stop innovating


Every year, we strategically invest a high amount of our revenue in Research & Development. Besides that we work and live the principle of continuous improvement. 

Maintain a solid financial base

Which allows us to invest in the technology and solutions of the future. Only through sustainable business we can be globally competitive in the future.