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Can I fill a hollow joint using Rasco 1K PMBC?

No, because the coat thickness does not allow complete drying

How can I see whether the substrate is damp or dry?

With a dampening test, i.e. you wet the substrate check to see if the water is absorbed by the substrate, or runs off.

Do the fibres in Rasco 2K PMBC low shrinkage replace the reinforcement mesh?

No, the reinforcement mesh still needs to be worked in.

What is the best way of mixing Rasco 2K PMBC?

Mix Rasco 2K PMBC using a mixing unit at 700 - 900 rpm.

Does tile adhesive stick to Rasco cold self-adhesive membrane?

No, because the surface is not suitable.

Does Rasco PMBC or Rasco SAM always need protection underground?

Yes, Rasco PMBC or Rasco SAM has to be protected in every case against earth pressure and foreign bodies (stones, rubble, etc.).

Can I glue perimeter XPS panels with reinforcement adhesive?

No, because the hardened adhesive can damage the waterproofing.

By how many centimetres should a Rasco SAM overlap?

Rasco SAM have to overlap by at least 8cm – 10cm.

What is the vulcanisation strip for?

To ensure safe overlapping.

What should I do, when I have to stop application of a Rasco PMBC?

The Rasco PMBC has to be scraped down to nothing.

How can I repair faulty or damaged areas?

Faulty and damaged areas can be easily repaired using Rasco PMBC.

How can I dispose of Rasco PMBC and Rasco SAM?

Rasco SAM and dried Rasco PMBC can be disposed of as normal household rubbish.