Sustainability is important for us

For Rasco Bitumentechnik GmbH, sustainability in business life means the long term, careful, and economical use of limited resources.

Responsible economical behaviour, together with conscious striving towards sustainable solutions, is for Rasco Bitumentechnik GmbH not only part of the business, but also a social commitment. 

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Based on the "Global Compact" of the UN, Rasco Bitumentechnik GmbH and its staff have defined and committed themselves to the ‘six principles of sustainable behaviour’ within the framework of the company guidelines:

Principle 1

Since the foundation of the company Rasco Bitumentechnik GmbH has established sustainable working in the ecological, economical, and social sense of the term. Commercial success is based on careful entrepreneurial behaviour, whilst taking into account the balance between ecological, economic, and social aspects.

Principle 2

Rasco Bitumentechnik GmbH produces exclusively in Augustdorf. The working conditions (social, ecological, and economic) are managed so as to offer the employees the best possible development within the framework of their tasks. We practise equal rights in an ethical and social manner. The legal requirements with regard to safety at work are not a duty for the company, they are seen as an obligation towards the employees. Work safety equipment is a must for all company employees.

Principle 3

The careful use of natural resources is an obligation for Rasco Bitumentechnik GmbH. We see leaving a healthy environment for the generations to come as one of our duties. For this reason one of the tasks of our research and development is the development of sustainable product solutions, and the continuous further development of product ideas.  

Principle 4

The quality management system to ISO 9001 used at Rasco Bitumentechnik GmbH includes to an adequate extent the relevant aspects of environmental protection and work safety, whilst taking into account ecological, economic, and social aspects at the same time. The company supports the current development of binding environmental product declarations through the German Building Chemicals Association (Deutsche Bauchemie e.V.) in Frankfurt.

Principle 5

Rasco Bitumentechnik GmbH sees itself as a company in which liberal, democratic principles, compliance with current legislation, and the free development of every person’s personality are fixed components of entrepreneurial behaviour. Open communication through all levels and transparent organisational regulation belong to the social competence of the company. We refuse absolutely to engage in immoral behaviour, such as discrimination or taking advantage, in the course of our business dealings.

Principle 6

The products of Rasco Bitumentechnik GmbH are solvent-free and mostly consist of natural raw materials which are environmentally neutral. This is ensured by continuous checks of the raw materials and the products manufactured. The production processes are energy and environment- friendly. They are subject to continuous monitoring by the management with regard to work and health protection, and work-physiology conditions.