Company departments

Research & Development

The R & D department works closely with building experts on site, and develops individual solutions for practical situations, thus ensuring state-of-the-art building protection. Innovative thinking and working, together with a high degree of flexibility characterise the Rasco R & D team.

Quality control

Our in-house laboratory monitors the quality of our raw materials and sales goods, ensuring a constantly high quality throughout the entire Rasco range of products. Effective and economical at the same time, this characterises our quality products.   


We look forward to supporting you, from technical application advice regarding use on site, to support in test and certification procedures, through to comprehensive marketing measures such as individual layout design. We accompany you through all the necessary measures to the launch of your own brand.

Technical services

We are happy to adivise our private label-clients regarding all questions to professionell and safe application. It is also possible to adivse you at the building site. We perform customer or product training at our company or directly onsite.

For the technical services attention is focused on practical relevance and support onsite our clients. 


The professionalism and the high degree of technical expertise of our production staff make Rasco Bitumentechnik GmbH specialists in the production of building protection products based on anionic bitumen emulsions.

Shopping & Logistics

Large capacity and fast delivery worldwide,- nothing is too much trouble for our logistics team when ensuring a punctual delivery to our customers.