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We are pleased to present you the Rasco product catalogue.

All PMBC- and SAM Sealing System products were updated to the requirements of the new sealing standards DIN 18531 and DIN 18533.

In addition, 3D system representations were compiled for all water load cases of the new sealing standard DIN 18533 W1-E, W2.1-E, W3-E and W4-E in order to simplify planning and to recognize the large diversity of the Rasco sealing portfolio

With the products Rasco 1K KMB low shrinkage S, Rasco SAM EQ with Vulcanisation Strip (Thickness 1.2 mm) and Rascorol pro we are launching three new products, which expand the product ranges of the PMBC-, SAM Sealing System as well as the Bitumen Paint Coatings.
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